Considering buying a Baby Sling!

what is a baby Sling?

A baby sling is a piece of cloth used to support the weight of a small kid or an infant on carriers body. The practise of using a baby sling is called Babywearing as it is like wearing the baby like a piece of cloth. Basically it is made up of certain length of cloth ranging from two yards and longer.

The origin of the baby sling dates back strollers or fancy backpack like baby carriers. Nowadays as mothers or caretakers are very busy and it is not possible to leave the baby on its crib and run to whenever the baby cries.Baby sling is useful in carrying the baby near the carrier’s body and free up the hands at the same time. This allows the mother to have the baby near to her and carry on with her work at the same time. Parents of fussy babies who tried baby sling have also reported the babies seem to cry much lesser. Babies learn quickly this way too, they can observe things that you do. Babies initially fuss when they are put into the carrier but they soon calm down as the movement begins. It makes it easier to nurse the baby on the go and also allows to babies to sleep gently and quicker.

Other benefits of sling practice include: easier for public transport compared to the baby strolls, reducing armpain with constantly carrying baby and even reduces shoulder and backpain if worn correctly.

These days baby sling come in different shapes and design, and it is even considered a fashionwear. They include

Ring Sling – which is made of a length of a cloth sewn at ends to a metal or nylon rings.

Pouch Sling – just made of wide piece of fabric sewn in tubular shape.

Wraps – piece of cloth wrapped around both baby and carrier and other different types adapted in different cultures around the world.

There are some safety concerns which may rise while using the baby carrier. Baby may get suffocated if not worn properly. There is always a danger of dropping the baby and cause shoulder and backpain to the carrier if not worn properly. Many baby carriers have been recalled for defects so buyers should check for broken threads, stiching and periodically check it while in use. There has also been few reports on of baby death due accidental compression asphyxia/suffocation in baby slings. So it has raised some concerns on the users.

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