Reasons to Use a Kitchen Valance

When you think about a kitchen, you don’t usually think of high fashion. Kitchens are meant for sustenance, and their primary function is the provision of food. The main pieces of cloth in a kitchen should be dish rags, oven mitts, and aprons. But your kitchen can be pretty too, and one way to make it beautiful is with a kitchen valance.

A valance is a decorative fabric used as a window treatment and sometimes attached to a curtain. Kitchen curtains are short, to keep them from slipping into the sink or dishwasher. Sometimes, they are made of plastic, to avoid mildew and water stains. They may also be drab and basic, to allow for regular washing. But you can jazz up the plainest of curtains using appropriate window valances.

A valance in the kitchen is perfectly safe. It sits at the top of the curtain, way out of reach, so it’s unlikely to get wet or catch fire. It may accumulate dust, but other than that, it’s in not a health hazard. It can be an easy way to add color to your kitchen. A valance can be used to match the curtain, or to contrast it in an eye catching way. An otherwise dull kitchen can be spiced up with a bright curtain valance. You could pick a color reflected in the room, or just pick a style that’s highlighted in your floor tiles.

Valances make a room appear more homely, and this applies to kitchens too. A bachelor pad can be made more welcoming to a female friend by letting her add a valance. Guys can even earn brownie points by deliberately getting a valance that she likes as a surprise sign of commitment. Women are all about gestures, and you’d be surprised how far you can get by tacking some cloth to your kitchen window.

A valance in the kitchen can be a form of insulation. Cold air may come into the room through the window, and the valance acts as a mild form of padding, warming the air before it comes in. This is especially useful for the upper sections of windows, because in most homes, they are kept constantly open for ventilation. These are just a few reasons why kitchen valances are worth a lot more than their size suggests.

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