MPV- All Purpose 7 seater Vehicle

When one is considering buying a seven seater vehicle, it is really worth it to consider a 7 Seater MPV. In this article we are going to discuss some of its characteristics and features which makes it a good family car.

A MPV is a car which falls between a hatchback or sedan and a SUV. It actually can be named a minivan and surely lives up to the name by providing enough space for passengers and luggage. All normal MPVs would measure 60 to 79 inches in length.

The built of any MPV is very typical. There will be three rows of seats, all spaciously spread out to maximize the comfort level. The seats can either be spread in bench style or individual chairs. Both kinds are so flexibly modeled that they can be flipped over or totally removed to create storage space. This helps the family to carry some extra baggage if needed or accommodate more people. While talking of the rear door, the design differs from vehicle to vehicle. The options are pull up kind of door, two doors or sometimes the side doors are designed in such a way that you can get into the back seats by bending the second row.

Many people might not know the exact difference between a 7 Seater SUV and a MPV apart from their size. Well, MPVs have 2×4 drive, greater fuel efficiency and much lighter body which saves some pressure on the engine. SUVs on the other hand are muscular built, heavy, custom made for rocky roads but low on fuel efficiency. As the MPV is light it is not suited for off road driving.

Most sedan manufacturers have their MPVs in the market. The one vehicle that is dominating the MPV market is the Toyota Innova owing to its great performance and great features. In the world market, some of the popular MPVs are Pontiac Montana, Honda Elysion, Ford C-Max, Proton Exora, etc.

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