Ideas for Flower Arrangements to Decorate a Purple Wedding

In any wedding occasion, decorating the venue with flowers is fascinating. Hence, it is quite difficult to imagine a wedding without beautiful wedding flower arrangements. They can be placed anywhere and the lovely sight of them just gives the feeling of freshness and lightheartedness. Flowers can match to the wedding color theme which can complete the whole romantic wedding air. Purple is one color that means royalty and nobility. It is also the favorite color of the Egyptian queen named Cleopatra.

The purple robes symbolize authority and rank as well. For a wedding, purple is also one of the popular colors. The rich color is great for most skin tones and the color exudes an air of class and elegance.

Pink and purple wedding flowers can be utilized as center pieces for a pick or table covered with lavender cloth. When using purple, the rich tones can be maximized by using lighter shades together with the deeper ones. The purple and pink are frequently used because these colors both work really well. You can also use accents that match the theme and to whatever shade of purple you select. Then have that combination throughout the rest of the details of your décor.

Flowers with deeper hues such as in the shade of plum and the dark purple ones may be used to enhance the lighter shades. With this idea, a center piece may be made with the use of dark purple flowers and a lighter color of violet candle placed at the center as an accent.

It is a brilliant idea to check the availability of the flowers first before deciding what flowers to use since there are those that are not abundant during particular seasons. There are also some flowers that need to be transported and some of them need time to be available. A list of the available flowers based on the time and season of the wedding can be provided by wedding florists and providers. One of the favorite purple flowers is the Freesias admired for their aroma and beauty.

Tulips can be formed into a bouquet and the Gladiolis can be used as lovely center pieces. Though the purple orchids are somewhat expensive but they definitely add some magnificence and elegance to your purple wedding.

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