How to Write an Email Newsletter Article

Writing an email newsletter is different from other forms of writing. An email newsletter is designed to be read by online readers. These readers have some peculiarities which make them different from other type of readers. Since they read from a screen, their eyes usually get tired quickly. This causes them to skim through articles instead of reading every single word of them. They are in fact known as scanners because they scan articles instead of read them.

The online reader cannot afford to read your entire article particularly if it is quite long. They scan it in search of any interesting point; whenever they find one, they slow down a bit and then carry one scanning. To make your newsletter content suitable for this sort of reader, you need to make it scannable. The following tips will cover a few points on how to write a newsletter article for online readers.

Use heading and subheadings. This will break your content into smaller segments that are much easier to digest than long running paragraphs. This will also make it easier for the reader to find the sort of content that is of interest for them. Here, the reader will easily skip any parts that lie outside their circle of interest. You may also include an outline of your article on the sidebar of the newsletter template. This will make your content even easier to navigate.

If there are any important points or parts of the article that you do not want your reader to miss, you should highlight them so that they stand out in your content. You can use underlining, bold-face or italics to stress those points. Make your paragraphs sorter and use plain English. Some publishers use some advanced terms and they presuppose that the reader will be able to figure them out on their own. Avoid such a mistake. There are some newsletter ideas that you can get on writing newsletter content if you search well.

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