Girls Clothes for Summer

When it comes to the season of sand and surf, children simply cannot get enough of the beach! Building sand castles and playing in the water are a given, but girls clothes for the summer season also count. Girls clothes in summer include shorts, a loose tank top and a two-piece swimsuit.

For children, one piece suits were the trend back in the 90’s, but children these days want to grow up fast and even their fashion sense seems to be maturing at a young age. Swimsuits for children are the girls clothes of the summer season, but for some reason, more little girls are pleading their mothers to buy them bikinis. There is some practicality in children wearing bikinis as it makes it easier for them to just pull the bottom down when they need to use the bathroom.  Some bikinis are sold separately, as in separate pieces.  This can make shopping for the right size even easier as you can buy what fits best on the top and bottom.  Similar to adults, not all children are the same size on top as they are on the bottom.  Buying separate pieces can also be fun in the sense that you can choose different patterns for each piece that complement each other.

Some mothers still hold to the old ways of not letting their children wear bikinis until they are older.  Mothers sometimes have a hard time accepting bikini clad children as it makes them look too old, too soon. Prinmark, a company that sells bikinis to children has recently been involved in a controversy with their product. The company sold padded bikinis to 7 year olds. Ironically enough, Prinmark said that the profits of the padded bikini were going to a charity. Triangle shaped bikinis that barely cover anything are downright too provocative, especially on a child. With the proliferation of the sexualization of children, mothers are rightfully worried that letting their child wear a bikini might attract the wrong attention.

A better option would be to choose a tankini. It covers all the essentials and still looks cute. For those not familiar with the tankini, it is similar to a bikini yet the sides are attached.  The top and the bottom pieces are attached at the sides giving the impression of a bikini.

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