Corner wicker dog baskets

Corner dog baskets are gaining a lot of popularity among the dog owners. These baskets are stylish than the regular baskets and beds. They are very comfortable for the dogs as well and most of all they don’t consume a lot of space. They fit well in a corner of a room and look neat and clean because of their designs. The corner dog baskets and beds come in many sizes and materials.

The corner wicker dog baskets are the most common and preferred corner dog baskets. They look neat and clean. Most of all comparing to the comfort and style it offers, these baskets are very reasonable. These baskets need a little bit of addition like cushions or mattresses for the comfort your dog needs. The mattress and cushion needed come in all shapes and sizes to fit the corner wicker baskets. They add softness, comfort and give a luxurious appeal to the baskets. The cushions come in many fillings thus leaving the choice upon you.

The corner wicker baskets come in all sizes as well. However, most of the wicker baskets are large enough for most pets. The baskets are made of woven wicker in a shape designed to fit into a corner. They come with small legs to lift the basket away from the floor, saving it from drought and damps at floor level. Most of these baskets come with the additional luxury cushions for the extra comfort for your dogs. There are also replacement cushions available. As mentioned before the corner wicker baskets are available in many sizes. The size of the corner wicker baskets decides the price of the baskets as well.

The standard different sizes of the corner wicker baskets are small, medium, large and extra large. The small corner wicker baskets are 27h x 67l x 52w, the medium corner wicker baskets are 30 x 80 x 60, large wicker corner baskets are 34 x 94 x 68 and the extra large wicker corner baskets are 40 x 108 x 80. They are very affordable regarding the comfort and the style they have. They are a little pricier than the regular wicker dog baskets but they are totally worth the price. They cost from around $70 to $150, considering their size.

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