Buying the right helmet

Buying new motorcycle helmets can be extremely tricky. Be sure to avoid purchasing them online, if you do not first have a chance to try on the helmet in person. Purchasing a badly fitted helmet can be very dangerous. You do not want your helmet to fall off during a motorcycle crash or fall. Keep in mind that the helmet is the only thing which keeps your head from hitting the pavement. According to insurance companies, most motorcycle riders will have at least a single accident during the course of their lifetime.

Motorcycle accidents occur when you least expect them to.  You do not have to be riding at high speeds, for accidents to be fatal. Even slight falls can create skull fractures under the right conditions. When you’re looking to buy motorcycle helmets, try to find helmets which are brightly colored. You want to avoid regular black helmets, as they are hard to see by other drivers and motorists.

Avoid buying half shell helmets as well. Half shell helmets are also known as retro motorcycle helmets.  These helmets do not hold up as well during collisions because of the inadequate mechanisms to secure the helmet to your head. The “d” ring on the bottom of the chin strap is not enough to keep your helmet from slipping off during a collision.

Make sure to only purchase DOT or Snell certified helmets. You do not want to buy a cheap helmet and risk permanent injury or death. DOT and Snell certified helmets have gone through rigorous test to ensure that they will hold up properly. The laboratories test for things such as impact resistance, to make sure that your helmet does not shatter in crashes. They also test the acrylic material on your face mask, to make sure that rocks and other objects do not penetrate causing eye damage.

Avoid buying used motorcycle helmets. You do not know how the previous writer has treated their gear. Keep in mind that even slight drops can permanently affect the way a helmet can protect you. You should always purchase new motorcycle helmets whenever possible.

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