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Benefits and Care of Satin Sheets

Satin sheets have long been seen in upper level hotels and homes. However, in recent years they have become more affordable for the average Joe. Sleeping on satin sheets feels great, and much more glamorous than percale but did you know about the health benefits?

Unlike many other fabrics, satin remains cool and can help those who have elevated body temperatures when they sleep to remain cooler during the night. Keeping your skin dry while sleeping is another added benefit to sleeping between satin sheets. This helps the skin stay clear of problems like acne. Remaining cooler, and having dryer skin instead of being moist and clammy are factors that help a person to have a restful nights sleep and this has lifelong benefits. You may also notice fewer split ends and having an overall healthier sheen to your hair when you use satin sheets and pillow cases as your hair does not get so tangled when you move around in your sleep.

There has to be a downside, of course. Fabrics made of satin require a higher level of care than any other type of sheet fabric available including percale or jersey sheets. Satin sheets are delicate and must use laundry detergent meant for silk and wool. You will need to wash satin sheets either by hand or on the delicate cycle in the machine. It is highly recommended that satin sheets should never to be twisted or wrung out, and therefore you need to hand wash them and let them drip dry gently indoors over the bath tub. Placing satin sheets on an outdoor line will damage the fabric as sun can bleach it of color and ruin the delicate nature of the fabric.

In bed, be sure not to wear pajamas with harsh abrasive fabrics on the outside as this will mark the sheets. Make sure your pajamas do not contain zippers or Velcro either for the same reason.

Although it can be intimidating for a first time owner of satin sheets, proper cleaning and care is essential for satin sheets to keep their softness, color and comfort. Satin is a wonderful choice for bedding, but you should stop to consider care requirements. As long as you don’t mind cleaning the sheets yourself or can afford to invest in having them cleaned professionally, they are the perfect choice.

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