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I have been in business for the last ten years, I run two local restaurants and I have tried many different methods of promoting these to customers within this local environment. I have always felt that more advertisement would lead to more profit, I spent a large amount of money getting the word out about these businesses. I purchased local television advertisements and other advertisements in the newspaper and on the radio. I found that the increase in customers that resulted was less than the amount that I spent on the commercials. I would not suggest these forms of advertising for any local business, since I was not getting a large increase in customers, these methods were not worth the time or money that they charged. I decided to try an article on marketing mix, this gave me the understanding that I was looking for in order to start using article marketing techniques on my websites. There are different types of content that is used in article marketing, some articles are used that will review your establishment and the experience provided. Others take a more direct approach in discuss the pros that your business can provide.

I found that the mixture of this content was very successful, customers would become interested in my business because of the articles that were written to appeal to them. This resulted in a search for more information and they would find a review that is also taking advantage of article marketing. If you would like to learn more about article marketing, marketing strategy articles may be the tool that you need. This is the most inexpensive way to learn about how you should be marketing any business on the Internet. I have found that my sales increased because of this information and I now make more money.

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