A Royal Wedding – William and Kate

Westminster Abbey is soon to be the site of yet another royal couple joining in wedlock. On the 29th of April, William and Kate will be wed in front of their beloved family and friends with the whole world watching, and preparations are being made. The entire world is waiting in anticipation of this global event and wishes the happy couple all the best.

Now is the time to start watching out for William and Kate wedding memorabilia. The Royal Mint already has a print in the works for production of commemorative coins to mark this joyous occasion. These coins are sure to make an instant collectors item that will make a wonderful addition to any collection.

Many toys and dolls are also set for production and are expected to be popular memorabilia items. Dolls have been a popular collector’s item across several niches for decades. They tend to have a massive increase in value over time as collector’s items, so be sure to be on the lookout for those. Of course, since we don’t yet know what the wedding dress will look like, any dolls produced prior to the event are speculative. Accurate representations of William and Kate wedding dolls will be produced after the wedding. However, you may want to consider that those put in production prior to the wedding may hold more value over time as there will be notably fewer made. Who knows, maybe one particular doll maker will have the foresight to get it right. Imagine what an accurate commemorative doll produced before the wedding would turn out to be worth to memorabilia collectors in a few years.

Replicas of the rings are also expected to be made available as well as commemorative stamps, wedding albums and other books, tea-sets, cups, and mugs graced with photos of the newlyweds, and videos of the royal wedding which are sure to be made available shortly after the event.

Keep in mind when ordering your William and Kate wedding merchandise that there are likely to be many people offering “knock-offs” of inferior products at inflated prices. Be sure to place your orders with reputable retailers to ensure you receive official commemorative merchandise.

Written by Chloe from DIY Wedding Invites, something the Prince and Kate are not going to need!

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