Anticipating Features of the Archos 5

The Archos 5 500 GB Internet Tablet with Android, while taken as just another mp3 player by a lot of people,surprisingly gives more than what is usually expected. In fact, there is so much more to make one want to own it! You may want to save the music of any file format through the Archos 5, or edit the photos you love for any occasion, and get to watch the movies close to your heart in HD.

A computer that could handle 500GB of data was quite impossible even five years ago. Something of the sort or hand held tablets did not exist in our minds. But a great invention has come with the Archos 5, having the ability of handling 500GB of data- a modern technology wonder for a hand held tablet, indeed! Other great things about Archos 5 are its wider screen of 5″, its clearer resolution than that of the smart phone or the Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation. It won’t take minutes for its touch screen response and surely it can switch functions to your desire. Your videos in full 720p resolution are a delight to watch, and you can easily turn to your music for listening pleasure in no time at all. Own it now!

Archos 5 does a lot more than an mp3 player is capable of even with these features. One need only to make use of its DVR functionalities with a simple connection to the DVR station or to the home television set to truly appreciate the device. The Google and Android apps are available for you to make your package complete. There’s a battery dock for more convenience, once you need to recharge the battery right away. It will take just a couple of hours maximum. Anyway, your battery is recharged overnight just like any other device even without your battery dock around.

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