Unusual Options for a Southwest Dining Room

If you really want to drive home a Southwest style theme then the dining room is a great place to do this. This is simply because it does use a lot of warm and rich colors such as red and orange. These are considered to be some of the more appetizing colors around so it’s the perfect fit.

One thing that you might want to consider doing is just using the materials that focus on these colors in much more subtle and modern ways. In this case, you can just try to go with more of a slate kind of design style. This is going to bring in all different kinds of warm blues and oranges. These two tones together are very popular in the Southwest design style but we are used to seeing them on cheesy fabric or wallpaper. Instead, you can just go with a much more natural material that will be a little bit more contemporary. However, it is going to be vital to pair it with some sort of wood chair so that it isn’t too stark and soften the entire look with red curtains or lined curtains.

Tiles are also really important for this kind of space. You can use this on your dining table itself. You want to stay away from white ceramic tile. This was very popular with hunter green painted pieces a few years ago. This is going to be too country and outdated. Instead you want to look for handpainted tile or natural stone tile. In fact you could even mimic this pattern on a wood top and then sand it down for more of a distressed finish. This is going to be a DIY project that really makes a statement in your room and it’s a lot less fussy than just a tablecloth.

You can also really change around your accessories a lot and still bring in a tile kind of accent. Tile mirrors are an inexpensive way to get this material in your space. Another option would be to just change up your typical silver candlesticks. You’ll want to go with a pressed tin or an antiqued silver instead of the basic shiny version.

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