A Guide to Spare Tire Covers

Spare tire covers are self-explanatory. They are essentially a cover that protects the spare tire of a car. Many people like to purchase attractive covers so that it is both stylish and practical. Most cars will have a space at the bottom of the trunk for the extra tire to be stored in. A truck will generally have a hanger underneath the car that is used to store the spare tire. However if you are an owner of a car that does not have one of these tools you will need to think about purchasing a spare tire carrier or cover. There are three types of tire covers on the market.

The first are hard lockable covers. This cover type is made from stainless steel that is corrosion resistant. The faceplate is commonly made of thermo formed ABS composite. You can paint this cover chrome or a color that matches your vehicle.

Molded covers usually have a faceplate or disk that is made from weather safe thermoplastic or ABS composite. This cover will be attached to a vinyl tire cover. The vinyl that is used is tough enough to resist extreme weather conditions. You will be able to purchase this cover from one hundred to four hundred dollars. Once purchased, you can install it within fifteen minutes.

The last option that you have are soft covers. This is the most common type of spare tire cover on the market. These covers are made from fabric that is weather resistant and has a heavy duty elastic that is used to hold the cover onto the tire. Installing this type of cover will take about fifteen minutes. Soft covers will cost you anywhere between twenty five dollars and one hundred and twenty five dollars.

Covers are used to protect your spare tire from damage. It is important to invest in one so that you will not get stuck when you are in need of a spare tire.

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