3 Reasons To Buy A Pink Laptop

When laptops were first invented, they were purely meant for geeks, because no one else would want to walk around with a computer. But today, computers are essential, and many people carry one in their backpacks and handbags. Since laptops have become so common, manufacturers have began to accessorize them so that they are as fashionable as they are functional. You can find a laptop to suit your style, taste and pockets, regardless of how fussy you are. Pink laptops are quite popular these days.

One reason why people like pink machines is that they’re feminine. IT is sometimes considered a man’s field, since the average female knows little about operating systems and motherboards. It may also be wrongly assumed that girls who get into IT are nerd-like and ungirly. But the increasing volume of pink on worktables disproves this theory. Not all computer geniuses have massive glasses and pocket protectors. Some wear skinny jeans and USB earrings, so their pink netbooks reflect the beauty of their gender and orientation.

Laptops in pink make an excellent shortcut gift. If someone wants to buy his girl a machine – or anything else – he can make the present gender-sensitive by getting the item in pink. It appeals to the girl’s softer side and makes her feel like a lady, so she will love the pink, whether it’s a Volkswagen Beetle or a goldfish. Unless of course the girl is a feminist, in which case, you’re in big trouble.

A bright pink computer would stand out in a sea of jet black or chrome machines. Having a pink computer is a subtle way to get noticed, because the focus shifts to you. But you have to back up the color with solid skills. A group of male technicians with their shiny steel hardware are likely to dismiss your fluffy pink, so you need to dazzle them with your expertise. The pink notebook is a nice trick to get ahead in the IT world, because your peers look at the color, think of flowers and lace, and subsequently underestimate you. This gives you plenty of scope to surprise and amaze them. In this way, a pink laptop can be a simple, stylish way to get ahead in the workplace.

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