17inch laptop

For a long time after and also before the laptops actually came to the market, people thought that they were only a alternative choice of a desktop. They were taken as an additional computer systems that can be used to work while travelling but the myth soon turned out to be wrong. Today, laptops are not just replacement, but are the main computing device for many. They arent just limited to households but have earned equal respect in a professional business sphere.

Although the generation of laptops have evolved overtime and there are even slimmer and lighter and easily portable laptops in the market, the spell of the original still remains unbroken. The 17 inch laptops have been modified over the years and as a result they are still as trendy and popular as they were when they first arrived. As the saying goes ‘old is gold’, looks like the 17 inch laptops will be giving a hard time to the new generation.

The 17 inch laptops are fantanstic. There is nothing like it and the addition and improvements made to it, makes it even more better. These laptops of today come with new. improved LCD technology and with a cheaper processing power. They are still portable as ever and they are capable to give the best comfort and productivity as any desktop computer. For these reason and more, the 17 inch laptop seems to knock down all the rumours that started with the introduction of the smaller sized laptops; that the days of 17 inch notebooks are over.

One of the major element of this notebook is it’s large, wide screen and bright display. Although, when they first arrived they werent half as stylish and enhanced as they are today, the thorough development has definitely paid off. Today, it is the widest choice of people around the globe and nothing seems to better it. Their wide screen with the contrast quality and bright display is their biggest asset. With smaller laptops come smaller screen and smaller keyboards. This makes it very uncomfortable to work with, especially if it is for an expanded period. But with a 17 inch, there is the ease and comfort of the desktop along with the light weight and advantage of portability.

Although the battery life of these laptops isnt as long as that of the smaller ones such as 14 and 15 inches, but they are still durable. They work for 3 to 5 hours at length in a single charge, depending on the usage of the computer. On the whole, these laptops still have many advantages over the others, most importantly you comfort. It is no wonder that most of the figure brands and companies are still manufacturing 17 inch laptops and trying their best to enhance it in terms of performance and functionality. This very initial generation of laptops still rules the market and people’s heart giving a tough fight for the new kids on the block.

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