Where Can I Buy Genuine Ruby Earrings and Real Ruby Rings Under $100?

The idea of having real gemstone jewelry versus lab created pieces is partly based on a somewhat outdated romantic image we have in our minds that a stone that rests on our finger or dangles from our ears was once secreted in some underground rock mass in some distant land ….and now graces our body with its sparkle. On the other hand…..

Budget Versus Romance Of Gems

It’s understandable that giving a woman a pair of genuine ruby earrings or choosing a set of real ruby rings for our wedding or engagement is a romantic decision, albeit one that often implies a budget. Although for the same amount of money we may be able to get a richer red stone in a lab created version, it’s unlikely that will satisfy the romantic urge or the yen for a genuine stone. So where can you buy really cheap genuine ruby earrings for gifts? And where are those real ruby rings that will make the perfect engagement or wedding set?

Where To Shop

The answer comes with another question: Did you know that almost all affordable ruby jewelry uses enhanced or treated gemstones? Are you prepared to acquiesce to the fact that the stones are real but not completely natural as they were when first found in the mine? If that’s okay, and you understand that the jewelry you buy in affordable online shops is treated, then go ahead. I’ll tell you where to find some online shops that carry real ruby rings and lots of genuine ruby earrings. But first, I have to tell you that even treated ruby jewelry costs more than $100 if it’s set in yellow or white gold, and frankly, if you’re buying real rubies, even treated ones, why would you set them in anything less than gold? The designs that are done in silver are considered high-end costume jewelry and almost all use lab created rubies, so you’re practically forced to buy white or yellow gold, therefore you’ll have to find a way to stretch your budget to between $110 and $150 to get almost any pair of stud earrings or simple dangle creations. You can get a wide variety of rings, promise rings and even small engagement styles for about the same price. The best places are Jewels For Me and Angara. But to answer the question about where to buy ruby jewelry under a hundred dollars. Sorry. The answer is nowhere. If it’s priced under a hundred, it’s too cheap to give as a gift and it won’t be worth buying as a wedding ring because it’s probably faux or created in a lab and set in some cheap plated mounting.

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