Skeleton Wall Clocks and Digital Device

A skeleton wall clock is a kind of wall clock that does not hide their inner mechanisms on a case. Therefore, it is entirely opened, and you would see them behind its transparent glass cover. They come in complex antique models, that come with a good craftsmanship or gears and wheels to a simple contemporary model that are geometric in shape. The best skeleton clocks come in original antique designs are very expensive, but there are several reproductions of these models that are very affordable to everyone. An example of this is the replicated Hermle Brettluhr skeleton wall clock that could cost up to $220 for both brass and wood model.

Although they are reproductions only, they offer weight driven brass movement and German craftsmanship and is covered under 2-years of warranty. There are also those good clocks made by Loricron Ansbach, who has come up with antique skeleton designs made of wrought iron and visible brass movement gears, weight as well as pendulum and costs under $170.

It can be silly to compare digital wall clocks with the elegance of those skeleton design wall clocks. However, the idea behind the skeleton wall clock is to show how the inner part of a timepiece works. The modern counterparts of these are ingenious digital wall clocks and served a similar purpose, providing information and a sleek panel about the weather, date and time zones for the different places around the world. The transparency is not always about the clock itself but also on the amount of information that it gives you, like a skeleton of the whole world’s date and time. However, there are large wall clocks that are digital and show their inner workings like the projection wall clock that would send an image to whomever you point the clock to. One of these device where made by a company called Nextime, which manufactures transparent projection-style wall clock that comes in clear or purple and you’d be able to see all that is happening inside the clock.

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