How to buy the right baby sling

Doesn’t it give pain to your hands when you lift baby for long time?

Don’t you expect to carry your baby close to your heart with ease and safety?

Yes, baby sling is the right solution and choosing right one is your responsibility. As an integral part of nursing , holding and mothering a child throughout every culture sling is used. The closeness you get with your baby is more intensive and safe without any contact infections to your baby.
How to choose baby sling suitable for your baby ?

One shouldered carriers with a modern spin for new borns and toddlers. For new born babies slings with lay down position should be chosen. Toddlers can be easily carried on hip using side carrying slings.

You may feel  heavy and light while carrying baby depending on your baby’s weight.

Types of slings on basis of type:


Fast in fast out sleek style sling for quick in quick out type. They go over one shoulder to held new born in reclining position.

– Hostslings:  Pouch sling that comes in many styles. For fashionable slings they are abruptly used. As an infant carrier or sling for child up to 35 pounds , they are normally used. Favourite carrier for fashionable hip mamas.

-Ring sling:

Just like pouch but more adjustable, the tail of which is used as a cover up for nursing either tucked under sling or wrapped around rings. If you don’t like elegant long tails you can tuck it under baby. New born can be held upright or reclining.

Choose the best brand for your baby to feel comfortable.

By position there are three types of slings:

-Hip position

-Back positon

-Front positon

-Hip position slings:

To carry a valuable cargo in a baby sling on your hip.Slings like ring sling and pouches are hip slings. Depending upon the level of need we offer you branded hip slings.

-Back position slings:

You carry your baby as a backpack carrier. They are popular for their ease of use and one-size-fits with comfort and simplicity. Suitable for babies from 2 months to 3 years. Normally we prefer babies of over 5 months.

-Font position slings:

Like back position slings front position slings are also very comfortable. You can carry baby directly being intimate near to your chest. This gives warmth to your child even more preferred in winters.Suitable for 2 months to 3 years. Normally we prefer babies of over 5 months.

Why Baby Sling?

The warmth, the heartbeat, the bond between mother and child  all of these are at the center of what is important in parenting a new baby. So prefer baby sling and be assured for intimacy.

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