Hard Drives Still Hold More

Flash MP3 players are becoming more and more popular. In fact, the new Zune and the iPod touch are both flash-based players. The reason that this is possible is because flash players have gone down in price and yet, have increased in capacity. Nevertheless, when it comes to capacity, the hard drive mp3 player is where it’s at.

The bottom line is flash drives can hold quite a bit now and are very expensive. The same can be said for hard drives. Also hard drives are much more shake and jar resistant than they used to be. That if large capacities are what you’re after and you still want to get a large capacity hard drive. There is something nice about having all your media files in one central location.

There are some advantages to having a flash drive for instance they are great for jogging and exercising. They don’t have any moving parts and they seem to be more resistant to shaking and jarring. A new technology that is still in its infancy but holds promise for hard drive technology are the new solid-state hard drives. They still have a large capacity like regular hard drives, yet they don’t have any moving parts just like a flash drive.

flash drives have made a lot of progress. In fact, most new MP3 players such as the iPod touch and the new zoom are based on flash drive technology. Flash drive technology is fast, holds much more than it used to, and the prices have dropped substantially. All that being said some of the most popular players are still hard drive players such as the iPod classic with the new 7th generation version which is still extremely popular.

another great large capacity hard drive Internet tablet is the Archos 5 500 GB Internet Tablet. This is not only an MP3 player but it’s an entire Internet device. From movies, games, apps, GPS, you name it, this little baby can do it. The Archos 5 500 GB Internet Tablet is an all-around Internet device and MP3 player with a huge 500 GB storage capacity.

There are other hard drive players that have a lot to offer to. For instance, the legacy Zune players are still being sold and used today. The new Zunes are flash based, but you can still find zune 160s and even Zune 30s that have hard drives and do a heck of a job playing your music files. Flash drive capacity is improving all the time, but the bottom line is hard drives still hold more.

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