Collecting Antique Jewelry Boxes

Many people enjoy collecting antiques. This can be a very time consuming process but tends to be very rewarding for the collector. One item that is often collected is antique jewelry boxes. These can be found in many different styles making it easy to add a new piece to the collection. An important step to becoming a collector would be to educate yourself. By knowing about the product and where to look for it, your collection will grow with ease.

Types of Jewelry Boxes

There are many different styles of jewelry boxes. They can be found in various sizes, and are made from many different materials. Style varies from one culture to the next making a jewelry box from one country much different from another. This variation can make collecting antique jewelry boxes fun and exciting. Education is key when it comes to determining where a they came from and who it may have been used by. Common materials used in making these boxes include glass, wood, paper, cardboard and various metals. There are rare jewelry boxes that were made from bone, ivory, horn as well as many other exotic materials. They have been made for various uses over time. Many were made with young girls in mind while others were for the adult woman and were much more elegant and sophisticated. Because of the variation that exists it is exciting to find different types to add to the collection.

Obtaining Antique Jewelry Boxes

Before you begin collecting anything it can seem overwhelming. It is important to take your time and be sure that you do not spend more than you are able. Finding these jewelry boxes should be an enjoyable experience. Most often this will occur at antique shows, garage sales, antique shops and consignment stores. Visiting these regularly will help to ensure that your collection will grow. You can also find many antique items online. Shopping this way allows you to see a much larger inventory than you would in a store. You will also be better able to compare prices making sure that you are receiving a good deal. If you let friends and family know that you are collecting this item you will most likely receive many as gifts in the future. Shopping for someone can be a difficult task which causes people to turn to a person’s likes and interests. Keep your eyes open and have patience and your collection will grow.

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