Always Look Bright by Getting a Teeth Whitening

Whenever you meet someone with a dazzling and brilliantly white smile you are instantly drawn to them.  That big megawatt and amazingly white smile is one thing people love most about movie stars.   You may not be a movie star but you can smile like one with a teeth whitening from Walnut Creek Dental.

As a person ages, the teeth become naturally darker due to mineral changes in the structure of the teeth.  You can see the comparison next time you are with a small child.  Their teeth maintain a radiant whiteness because they have not experienced this mineral change in the enamel of the teeth.  Teeth also darken due to bacterial stains, food and drink residue, tobacco and some medications.

Receiving a teeth whitening is much like washing the walls of your home.  When the walls look old, dark and dirty, you wash and clean them until they shine once again.  Teeth whitening will get you looking younger and your smile brighter as it removes the natural stains and darkening which come with time.  Before having your teeth whitened it is recommended that you speak with your dentist to determine whether there are any oral irregularities which would pose a danger or possibly limit the effectiveness of the treatment.

It is best to have your teeth whitened by a professional to avoid the risks and unsatisfactory results associated with over-the-counter whiteners.  The risks of “do it yourself” teeth whitening include: chemical burns on your gums, lips and tongue, over-bleaching and rebound, which is teeth losing the whitening effect of the treatment.  Cheap store bought whitening systems can even damage the structural integrity of your teeth.   You can be assured that your friendly Walnut Creek dentist will use only the safest and most gentle techniques and methods to return your teeth to a youthful and bright white.  Set up an appointment today and start smiling like a movie star.

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