Alicante Art Festivals

Alicante is a city that values culture arts and tradition, and so it is only natural that it will want to celebrate its arts, artists, music from Alicante Spain and other parts of the world, movies and films and other forms of art. So if you are a fanatic of art there is something for you to celebrate in Alicante. Below are some of the more common celebrations.

The Noches Del Castillo which is also known as the Castle Night festival, it is celebrated in July through August at the Castillo de Santa Barbra.

The Festival International de Jazz de Alicante also known as Alicante international jazz festival it is held in July at the Tossal de Manises.

The Verano en los Parques also know as the summer parks festival. It is celebrated in July and August and it is held in all the parks in the Alicante province.

The Festival de Música Joven El Campello also known as the young music festival, it is usually held in august and September and is celebrated in Alicante bars and night clubs.

Festival Internacional de Música Contemporánea ; also known as the festival of international contemporary music. It usually takes place in September and October and held in the Teatro Principal, Sala de la CAM, and the Casino de Alicante

The Festival de Verano de Alicante also known as the summer festival,  it takes place in July and august at the Paseo del Puerto.

The Alicante a Escena  also known as the amateur theater festival it usually takes place in September at the Teatro Principal.

The Muestra de Teatro de Autores Contemporáneos also known as the contemporary theater festival. It takes place in November and it is held in theatres though out Alicante.

Film Festivals
There are two major film festivals in Alicante these are:

Festival de Cine de L’Alfàs del Pi also known as the short film festival, it usually takes place in April at the Cine Warner Panoramis.

Festival de Cine de Alicante also known as the Film Festival of Alicante which takes place in June at the Cine Warner Panoramis.

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