Zen Faux Suede Boots by Bamboo Shoes Review

Having the right boots each winter is a must have, but buying them is quite a task. It is a hunt on, as you must find a boot that fits both your calves and your feet. With some boots, the calves are way too tight, and other boots make the calves far too loose. One of my demands is that the boots be animal friendly. I like the look of leather and suede, but am not willing to buy the real thing. So, I need quality faux suede. Will the Zen Faux Suede Boots from Shoes by Bamboo live up to all of my demands?

First, they do meet the demands of having faux suede. Some fuax materials feel like plastic, which is not so cool. These feel like suede. The are soft and strong. There is an inner lining that is very comfy. An average onlooker would never know that they are fake.

There is a general problem with boots because every women has a different shape. How wonderful is that? I really love that we are different shapes, but it makes it difficult for designers to make a boot that will work for everyone. My calves aren’t fat, I’m just a little curvy. I like it that way. Finding boots for curvy calves is a hassle. Yet these boots worked. They have enough slack so that pulling them up is not big deal.

The boots do not have a zipper up the back. To put them on, you have to slide your toe in and pull them on like a big woolly sock. I’ve worn boots like this before, and with a skirt, it is fine. The problem is skinny jeans. I love skinny jeans. You love skinny jeans. We all love skinny jeans. When you pull tight boots over skinny jeans, the skinny jeans look kind of wrinkled and disheveled right above the boot. They would have looked disheveled after wearing them for a while anyway, but it is a slight annoyance.

The boots are great, by and large. I got the first pair in black and just placed an order for another brown pair. They are versatile enough to go with close to everything in my closet, my purple plaid skirt, by favorite sweater, even my little black dress.

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