Women Food and God An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything by Geneen Roth

Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything is a non-fictional book by Geneen Roth. The book is not exactly a diet book, but it has much to do about dieting and food, as well as the image problem that women face in their lives. It talks about food as a source of inspiration, and discards the modern notion of food, where food is not taken to enrich our lives. Roth challenges the everyday notion that people need to count calories, especially women if they want to be content. Content can only be found through spirituality, as in the case of people who seek God to know the truth. In the book, Roth discusses her own problems with weight and how she approached meditation to overcome her problems.

Roth argues in the book that food can be a way to spirituality, when she says, “I turned to food for the same reasons that people turned to God, it was my sign of ecstasy, my transport to heaven, my concrete proof that relief from the pain of everyday life was possible. … until the Hostess Sno Balls were gone.” It has been found that in the book the main argument is that food should be used to please yourself, and not to feel guilty about. If you use the food right then you will gain from it, but if you do not then the food can use you. She explains in this book that people have problems with eating because they do not know they are consuming the amount of food that they are eating. When women know the real reason of pain, then they will not use food as a defense mechanism but rather as a supportive function.

Roth has written several other books regarding diet and women, the weight problem and the remedy. Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything is a similar book on the similar concept. Women of all ages and all body types are sure to find some kind of inspiration in the books, and stop worrying about their weight. In the modern day and age, women need to keep up with everyday life and still look stereotypically thin to fit in the society. This is what is challenged by Roth in the book, as she explains that food should be the cause of happiness and a path to spirituality.

The only set back of the book is that it considers only women face the issues of food and weight. The problem is a perennial one and affects almost everyone, so the book could have been all inclusive. Other than that, it serves as an inspirational book and gives you a food for thought.

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