Why not buy a masticating juicer machine?

You may never even have heard of a masticating juicer machine, so below is a brief rundown about these kitchen gadgets! Basically, a masticating juicer is just a different kind of juicer machine. It makes juice – that’s a no-brainer. But the reason these machines are popular, is that they make better quality juice than conventional juicers do. For a start, let’s define the term masticating.

Masticating is simply the scientific word for chewing, and it describes how these juicer machines extract juice. While regular juicers tend to use a spinning blade, to shred ingredients, a masticating juicer relies on a system of slowly turning gears to physically crush the liquid out of your ingredients. What this does, is avoid the heat that is generated by conventional juicing blades, as well as avoiding mixing air into the juice. This has several advantages.

Firstly, it results in better quality juice. The living enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins in fresh juice are very sensitive to both heat and contact with air. Therefore the slow speed mechanism is better, because it does not cause any deterioration.

Secondly, the slow speed masticating juicer system allows for greater versatility in terms of juicing ingredients. Because the system slowly crushes anything that is fed and, it means you can process leafy green vegetables and even things like wheat grass. This delivers a huge advantage, because normally you have to buy a separate juicer machine to make your own wheat grass juice.

And the great thing is, it doesn’t stop with just making juice. The masticating system can generally process other things, such as nuts to make nut butter, soy beans make soy milk, and even seeds to make cold pressed seed oils.

Clearly masticating juicers are a far more versatile machine than a conventional juicer, but there is one downside: they do cost more. Whether or not you can justify buying a masticating juicer will depend on how much money you want to spend, and how serious you are about making your own health foods at home. For anyone who wants to seriously improve their diet by making their own foods, a masticating juicer is by far the best choice.

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