Why Living in New York Is the Greatest

New York is the city to be at, wherever you may be from in the world. Touted as the ultimate melting pot of cultures, the place where all ones dreams can come true, living in New York has been established as one the greatest and most enriching experiences one can have, even with the presence of several drawbacks such as unusually high New York prices, noise, and pollution.

Famous Landmarks
Visitors to the Big Apple will have to master dashing from one New York hot spot to another. Major attractions not to be missed include Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Met, and Central Park. After one has paid homage to these landmarks, the rest of the city is free to be explored.

The city is home to numerous museums and art galleries. Top spots for those who want a one-of-a-kind cultural experience should visit the MoMA or Museum of Modern Art, see at least one Broadway show, experience the creativity of New York artists and performers while riding the subway, or spend a night in one of the city’s famous comedy bars. The city also plays host to various parades year after year, among them the West Indian Labor Day Parade, the Rose Bowl and Summer/Stage, held in Central Park.

What makes living in New York the greatest is the fact that the city offers everything, from the people to the culture to the food and entertainment? It is true that New York prices are definitely steeper compared to smaller cities, but this is not enough to discourage the thousands who want to make the Big Apple their home. Prices for everything from food, clothing to apartments can be ridiculously hefty but if you get to live in a place, where culture is rich and dynamic, then slightly higher expenses for living is a small compromise.

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