Why Have a Wedding Gazebo?

What is the point in getting a wedding hosted in a wedding gazebo? There are many different reasons as to why you should consider hosting your wedding in a decorated gazebo. First off, you should understand what a gazebo is. A gazebo is a pavilion, and therefore a wedding gazebo is a decorated gazebo that serves as the main building in a wedding.

The first reason regarding why you should consider having your wedding in a gazebo is the fact that gazebos are romantic. While the word gazebo doesn’t sound romantic in any way, the fact is that they are. Close your eyes. Let an open building with fresh air and flowers in the background fill your mind. Let the fading smell of freshly cut grass and the stronger tones of a variety of flowers fill your nose. Now, imagine chairs lined up behind it and a red carpet laid out on a raised platform—the pier of the pavilion. The bride walks down, in all her beauty and magnificence, to take the hand of her love. If this is not romantic, what is?

There are even more reasons for hosting your wedding in a gazebo. Think of all the things you can do with one. You can decorate it with flashing Christmas lights if you are looking for a nighttime wedding. You can decorate it with all sorts of lovely flowers and bouquets if you are looking for a daytime wedding. You can have an open air concert with your favorite band playing your favorite love song. The fact that it is so easy to decorate and be creative with is another reason why you should opt for hosting your wedding in one.

If you have not thought about it before, it is high time that you started. Why not host the most memorable day of your life in a wedding gazebo? More and more couples are foregoing the stress of planning and opting for all inclusive destination weddings.

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