Why Do I Need Swimming Paddles?

Swimming paddles do basically the same job as flippers or fins. They are a tool which is very useful for helping you to move faster through the water. Swim paddles are also a good way of helping you to travel longer distances in a shorter number of strokes, so they increase your efficiency as you swim. But apart from those speed and efficiency benefits, they can also be of use when you want to improve your swimming technique, which can be a very important factor if you take part in competitions. They are not a necessity by any means, and if used incorrectly can do more harm than good, but when used properly, they might make a big difference to your swimming.

When you use a pair of paddles, they will help you to stay closer to the top of the water with each stroke you make. This might seem a bit of a subtle difference but actually it can make a big impact on your speed, because a swimmer who remains substantially below the water surface will experience more drag. So anything you can do to give you the confidence to get your body flat and closer to the surface will be a help, and you should continue to use this kind of body form when you swim without the paddles later on.

So practising with the paddles is very similar to how a child learns to ride a bicycle with training wheels. They will force the swimmer’s body into a straighter and faster shape, and then removing them later should enable them to keep that shape and balance.

A final extra advantage of swimming paddles is that they can also boost your speed and endurance as a simple result of working and toning your muscles more effectively because of the extra water resistance.

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