White Shaggy Rug Has Its Roots in History

A white shaggy rug is a beautiful piece of decoration. It looks great on any surface, it gives a very warm look to any room and it feels fluffy on the feet thus providing a very relaxing sensation. Who doesn’t enjoy walking with their bare feet on the sand or the grass? A shaggy rug provides the same kind of experience. The feet sink in, liberating all the stress, all the worries, all the cares of the day. A shaggy rug has many therapeutic qualities besides looking good.

The art of creating rugs and carpets goes back a long way. It probably started between four and five thousand years ago in southern central Asia. The most ancient surviving carpet is called the “Pazyryk Carpet” and it is dated from around the 5th Century BC, it’s name being derived from the place in which it was discovered, the Pazyryk Valley in Siberia. Other cultures started very early creating carpets and are known all over the world for them. Among these legendary carpet manufacturers are the Chinese, the Persians and the Turks. After the Crusades in the 11th Century carpets where brought to Europe where they were very much appreciated for their colors and exquisite patterns. During the Middle Ages and until the 18th carpets were not used on the floors but where exposed in walls and tables due to their beauty and cost. Europeans also started to manufacture them, among the most well known European manufacturers are the Spanish, French and the British. With time carpets found their place covering the floors of houses all over the world but it is only recently that the totally white rug has become coveted, so this has a totally modern feel.

The history of carpets makes us realize their importance. Many carpets are considered more than just carpets, they are works of art. Many have complex patterns and take many years to be manufactured, many tell stories, many are witnesses of the ages in which they were made. But a carpet to be beautiful does not need to be complex. A white shaggy rug can do wonders for a living room or a bedroom. It can lend the room the peace of its color and make it much warmer and nicer. Things don’t have to be complex to be great, in times like ours greatness lies in simplicity.

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