White iPhone 4: The Touch Screen Phone Everyone is Waiting for

The iPhone 4 is probably one of the best touch screen phone in the market today. It is even predicted that by the end of 2011 more than 100 million units will be sold worldwide which clearly cements its dominance in this market segment. This model is only available in black color and not available as an unlocked touch screen phone. Those who wanted a white iPhone had no way of getting it, aside from using a white case, until now.

The white iPhone is now available in the online ordering system of mobile carriers such as U.S. based AT&T and U.K. based Three and Orange. Even U.S. based retailer Best Buy listed it one time in their online preorder list. No exact date has yet been announced on when this white touch screen phone will be available to the public but estimates show that it could be late February or early March of this year.

The iPhone 4 is one of the most successful smartphone models of Apple to date. It features the best response among all the other touch screen phone models due to its excellent capacitive screen. Its solid build and access to the Apple App Store are two of the key features why this model became a runaway success.

With the thousands of applications waiting for you to be downloaded in the App Store you can personalize the way your iPhone looks and works. Most of these applications are free while others come at an affordable price.
The recent news of a white iPhone 4 model and its inclusion in the ordering system of major mobile networks will once again increase the sales of the iPhone. Sources say that Apple may want to sell their remaining stocks by offering it in another color just before the iPhone 5 arrives.

The iPhone 4 white will be available in the 16 GB and 32 GB models and is available through pre-order at the online sites of official mobile carriers. Unfortunately for Verizon, which will also release the iPhone to its customers, only the black version will be available to them.

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