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When to Call the Plumber for Clogged Drains

We often try to fix a clogged drain ourselves, without having to call a plumbing company. One of the biggest and most dangerous mistakes people often make when dealing with clogs is to keep trying after using a caustic drain opener that did not work. If the chemical is still in the pipe, any attempt to use a plunger or physically open the drainpipe can cause serious injury.

Clogged kitchen drains can be caused by anything from cooking grease that has hardened in the trap to pieces of food that have accidently been allowed to enter the drain, to foreign objects that have inadvertently been dropped into the sink. In bathrooms sinks, the most common clogs are caused by hair in the drain trap. Toothpaste caps are also a common culprit in clogged bathroom drains.

Liquid drain openers will generally solve a slow draining problem or remedy a clogged drain with one or two applications. If the drain remains clogged after two treatments, this is when the real problems start. If you have used one drain opening liquid already, under any circumstance do not try a different product. When the chemicals in different products are mixed, this can cause dangerous gasses to form and these gasses can result in serious injury or even death if they are breathed into the lungs or if the combined liquids are splashed on skin or in the eyes. Any chemical used to open drains is harsh and potentially dangerous and should be treated accordingly.

If your sink is not draining after two attempts to open it, this is the time to call a plumber. Carefully explain the problem and tell them exactly what products have been used when you call. A professional plumber is trained to deal with this situation and will be prepared to handle any chemicals still in the pipes, appropriately. When you have done all that, you can safely do to fix the trouble, but the pipe remains clogged, that is the time to seek professional help. A plumber will correct the problem safely and quickly. Look for companies like Champs Atlanta Plumbers or Best Dallas Plumbers where you will receive a full warranty on the repair-work performed. This is critical because when you pay once to get a problem fixed you don’t want to end up coming out of pocket twice for the same issue.

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