What is Xylitol and how does it prevent cavities?

If you must chew on gum any Dentist in Birmingham will recommend that you opt for sugar-free gum or one that contains Xylitol. What is Xylitol and how is it used to prevent cavities? Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is found in berries and other fruits and vegetables. It is a sweetener that is classified as a sugar alcohol. This makes it different from other sugars as it’s doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria; it actually helps to prevent bacteria that leads to tooth decay.

Talk to your Birmingham Dentist about the benefits of Xylitol and discuss some food options that contain Xylitol in order to ensure that they will not cause any damage to your teeth. In addition to the prevention of tooth decay, Xylitol is actually used to aid in the treatment of other medical conditions.

How Xylitol differs from sugar and other chemically-made sweeteners is that it doesn’t provide fuel to the bacteria that attack the teeth and cause decay. Instead of supplying them with energy and creating an acid attack, Xylitol will aid the salts that are naturally found on the enamel and attack the bacteria that causes plaque to form. Since sugars found in most foods will remain in the mouth for at least 90 minutes after eating, chewing gum with Xylitol in between meals can aid the teeth in preventing these acid attacks from ruining your teeth.

When you take Xylitol the bacteria is unable to absorb on the surface of the teeth and it will actually be destroyed as it cannot co-exist with Xylitol. It also helps to stimulate the flow of saliva in the mouth which can aid in washing bacteria from the mouth. Xylitol is safe and this is why it is found in so many of our foods, especially chewing gums.

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