What Is White Label SMS

What is white label SMS? White label is a program that allows you to use another companies resources, while promoting them under your own business name, plan, logo, design, etc. SMS is a short message service, or in other words, text marketing services. So, it is promoting text marketing using another company’s text marketing services, under your own business. You can now be the proud owner of a text marketing company without having to come up with the text marketing software or service. Doesn’t that sound convenient and nice? Now you too can take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

How White Label SMS Can Benefit You

Text marketing has had such a great response from the many companies that have started using it thus far. It has produced excellent results and at a much lower cost than other forms of advertising such as billboards, flyers, the yellow pages, etc. With technology changing all the time, it is important to stay caught up with how to reach out to your customers. By catering to their life and making it easier for them to read and receive your company’s specials and promotions, you will be able to get a greater response, which is where white label SMS comes into play. Many of us are so busy that we do not have time to sit down and read a long flyer, and if we do, we tend to forget. Also, while driving to or from work, your mind is always so full of what you need to do, that you forget to look at the billboards on the sides of the roads.

With a white label SMS program, you can now help companies reach out to individuals on a more personal level through their cell phones, by informing them of these concerns that other forms of advertising may have. Find out more on how to become a reseller of SMS, with Txtwire’s white label program.

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