What Does a Pipe Refitter Do?

One of the growing parts of the piping jobs industry is the specialty of the pipe refitter. While most people might scratch their head and think of someone that just puts pipes back together, or even a plumber, this isn’t the case. Let’s explore a little more about what a pipe refitter actually does on a daily basis.

One of the more advanced jobs of a pipe refitter is to use software or some type of engineering blueprint to know how to layout a pipe system for a wide variety of applications. There are many uses for pipe, but most of this article will focus on industrial and commercial applications. When a company is building a facility or expanding an existing facility, there is almost always going to be new pipe added into the existing structure or process line. Knowing what sizes of pipe, material incompatibility there might be and how to make things flow the smoothest way possible are all aspects of the knowledge needed.

Another common job description for the refitter is to actually have hands on experience with the pipe itself. This can involve following the blueprints and laying out, hooking up and testing the pipe. There are also the times that something has gone wrong and a pipe needs to be repaired. Whether from a leak, rupture or other break, knowing what type of pipe needs to be reinstalled requires great knowledge and tools. Since many of the pipes in fixed locations can’t easily be adjusted or moved, you would need to know how to fix a leak quickly and efficiently without affecting the operation of the plant.

Some people will often associate the term pipe refitter with someone that just works with pipes. This is not the case as we have shown the amount of knowledge that is required. It should be noted that most people that work with the software or creating the blueprints are often mechanical engineers that have at least a bachelors or masters degree in mechanical engineering, there are just as many people in the piping industry that get the job done quickly and efficiently with their practical knowledge of how pipe works and how it is assembled into something usable.

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