What can you get With a $300 Laptop?

Just because a laptop is under $300, does not necessarily mean it has to be devoid of function or any real capabilities, and many shopping in this particular price range often resign themselves to this fate, if not just giving up on the prospect at all, but the reality is that there are thousands of laptops for sale online right now and many are from surprisingly familiar sources and outlets.

One of the biggest problems that people seem to have when shopping for laptops under 300 dollars is their expectations, many will expect the latest processors and graphics accelerators, while others will lower their expectations to the point of accepting less than what was available. Laptops under 300 dollars abound online, and some of them are not worth the money unless one plans on salvaging parts from it, but many quality and reliable options exist, if you know where to look and what to look for.

Regardless of the particular outlet, whether it be E-Bay(www.EBay.com), or a wholesale outlet, always know the history of the seller, within reason of course. Corporate histories are not necessary, but a recent sales history is, and this makes sites like E-Bay one of the best for refurbished laptops under 300 dollars and even for new ones in the same price range. The search features allow shoppers to keep anyone with negative or lacking sales history from appearing in their search results, this one feature alone stops many less than scrupulous operators from finding customers, and also helps to highlight those that have sold repeatedly with good satisfaction rates.

New laptops under 300 are also available online, and almost each manufacturer has some version, typically a small 10” model, that is available for these prices. These models typically do little more then surf the web and some of the more basic computing functions, but this is enough for most users, which happen to be kids, teenagers, and those on the go constantly.  As technological advances force prices down for cell phones, cell phone lookup services, computer hardware and other hi-tech products and services, prices for laptops should also decrease in the future.  However, this depends on what additional features are added to the computers, including expensive basic software packages.

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