What are the best fishing games to play?

Well if you are mad about fishing like me then playing fishing games on computers can be great fun. Fishing games can be played when the weather is too bad to go fishing. There are many different type to choose from on all types of computers. The types of games vary depending on what type of computer you are going to use like a PC or games console. For the PC the most popular games are played online. Most of these games are free from websites but you will have to put up with watching some advertising. Be careful with these sites do not download any files from them as they will probably be infected with advertising viruses.

Games consoles are very popular and have some of the most advanced fishing games you can play. Some of these games even come with their own fishing rod! They can be very expensive consoles like the Xbox or Playstaton cost hundreds of dollars to buy making them a big investment. The games are costly as well around fifty dollars with the fishing rod.

The big names of fishing equipment have their own games on the market as well. The most popular is Rapala’s line of games but “Bass Pro Shops” is another huge game as well. Both of these games use the fishing equipment that you can buy from the shops to do real fishing. Updates for these games lets you use new tackle that these companies are regularly bringing out. The graphics on both of these games are absolutely amazing taking you to some of the best fishing spots in the world.

Whatever type of game you choose just remember that it will not match a good day trout fishing for real! But they are great fun to play when time or work does not let you get out to your favourite fishing spot.

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