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What are 5 Ideal Gift Cards for Men?

Men can be really hard to shop for. They are much more likely to just purchase what they want and less likely to appreciate the sentimental value in a present. Another option would be to just give them money, but they will be likely to do something boring like pay off debt or invest the money. That’s no good for a present of any kind. If you want to force them to spend the money on fun you can buy them a gift card.

Here are 5 ideals gift cards for men.

Tuxedo or Suit – Men love dressing nice, but hates spending money on it. Help your man look nice by buying him a suit or tuxedo. For day to day purposes, you may even buy him a nice shirt or polo.

Coffee – With all the “latte factor” concepts of personal finance, men are starting to get self conscious from spending that much money on their favorite mocha. Buy him a coffee or coffee maker.

Books – Guys love to learn about things. Get them in the book store so they can quit reading the garbage of cheap magazines.

eBay – A gift card on eBay lets them find a great deal, beat someone else, and get what they want for free. There are tons of items sold online that they would want to purchase.

Gym Membership – This is a total win-win card. He can go workout, play sports, or by nutrition and you get to see your man look hotter.

These are just some gift ideas for men. If these doesn’t fit what you are looking for, consider free gift cards that allows card holders to check gift card balance online. Men sometimes prefer using these cards for online transaction such as for electronic books, game download, or music downloads. They may even use this to purchase credits for online games.

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