What a Black Chandelier Says

The style choices that you make say a lot about you and your sense of design and taste. This is true whether you’re talking about the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the furniture you choose or the lighting fixtures you hang. A chandelier automatically says something about you, in that you understand style and want something that’s a bit out of the ordinary. A black chandelier goes even farther and talks about a touch of drama and a love of the elegant. Or, in the case of something like wrought iron, it could show how much you enjoy old-fashioned or rustic looks.

Either way, choosing black in a light fixture gives you the opportunity to either hide it and make it look inconspicuous or make it truly a bit of decoration and style for the room. The other elements in this space will have a lot to do with what you choose, but no matter how anything else looks your choice of black does say something about you.

Black is inherently dramatic, and it says that you want drama for that space especially if you choose something like a black chandelier. That pairs drama with the desire for it to be noticed that might not be there if you had instead chose something like a simple flush-mount light or semi-flush light. A black crystal chandelier gives an extremely elegant look that can work well in a black room, white room or one that uses both colors. Even in a very colorful room, a black chandelier that’s in an appropriate style can blend in well or become a conversation piece.

Don’t forget black chandeliers that have other colors on them such as multicolored crystals and embellishments hanging from each tier for a fun look or even white or some other solid colored shades around each lamp to give it a classic and dramatic design.

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