Web-Based Software: The New Frontier

Web based services such as online content management, so-called ‘cloud computing’ and web based software have seen an increase in their acceptance by businesses. Clients can enjoy all the features of fixed location software without having to deal with the problems of installing from CDs and constantly updating as new versions are released.

Help desk software to deal with local computer problems has been most important for businesses that have computerized, since glitches will occur that can not be rectified without expert help. The costs in lost time when workers are trying to determine and solve the problems themselves are astronomic. And for larger corporations, the installation of new software systems is a long and quite likely disruptive process. Now, however, downloadable programs mean the company’s IT people can quickly and unobtrusively set up web accounts for users to access manuals and FAQ’s without tying up the company’s servers.

Web based software has made it possible for a number of programs that were at one time only available as manual installations to now be internet accessible. Web survey software and online survey software, software designed for accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation, and customer service software are just some examples of programs that no longer need to be physically loaded on to a computer network. Some organizations use the distribution model known as Software as a Service, or SaaS, where the company purchases a license to access the web software. Other companies may use the technology simply to store data files off-site if they do not wish to store it in-house.

As the internet continues to develop, there will no doubt be even better ways devised for businesses to reach their corporate goals. Web based software and cloud computing may just be one step toward those goals, but the ability to access and control systems over the Internet without the problems created by the necessity of a physical presence, is a major step indeed.

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