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We Are Not Alone

Cities with a rich history are subject to many tales of murder and intrigue that can delight visitors with its spectral quality. Paranormal activity is a fascinating subject for hundreds of people. It appears in movies and films on a regular basis. Classics such as Ghostbusters, romantic comedies such as Just Like Heaven and accounts of real events like Haunting in Connecticut and the Mothman Mysteries keep the interest in paranormal activity very alive. Savannah ghost tours cater to the interest of many supernatural fans with its natural rich history and sites. Haunted houses, walking tours of hotels, and cemeteries surrounded by Gothic architecture are main fare for Savannah ghost tours. These events are often held in the evenings or middle of the night, which only adds to the spookiness of the atmosphere.

If traumatic historical events such as the Revolutionary War and Civil War are added into the paranormal mix, there are even more sites for Savannah ghost tours to use. These types of tours can be part of tourist entertainment and provide a night of fun, but for the die hard studiers of paranormal activity, Savannah ghost tours can be an event to prepare for. When going on a paranormal expedition, it is important to be prepared for anything that might arise. There are numerous equipment options for those interested in paranormal events, but here are some basics that most find essential.

A digital video recorder is at the top of the list. It needs to be a quality recorder since its accuracy in recording needs to be trustworthy. A static free external microphone is also needed to work in conjunction with the camera. The audio can be used to support what is seen in the film and it is important for this to be free from any electrical interferences due to equipment quality. If something is found, poor equipment is the easiest thing to blame for the anomaly.

In addition to the digital video recorder, a digital still camera is also needed. There are accounts of faces being in pictures that were not visible by people when the picture was taken. One of the earliest was in a WWI photograph in 1919 and a more recent example was of a car at a funeral in 1959. These photographs were taken with a regular camera, but a digital camera has even better resolution and allow zoom options to be used. Also, the digital quality allows color enhancement options later in order to better see anything in the pictures.

To back up what might be seen, an old school 35mm camera is also needed. These cameras operate on a chemical process based on light exposure rather than a computer based electronic system. This allows for credibility verification and many experienced studiers of paranormal activity agree that black and white film in a 35 mm camera often shows things that are not caught by a digital camera. Similarly, it is a good idea to take an analog tape recorder to back up the digital sound equipment on the digital video recorder. There have been accounts of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) which could not be heard in person, but were recorded by the equipment. It is important to use a new tape each time though, do not reuse a tape because rewinding multiple times can cause scratches.

An EMF detector is important for finding electronic fields at different frequencies. There are usually disruptions when paranormal activity is occurring and a detector can help locate the direction on which to focus recording attempts. Similarly, thermometers can be a useful addition to any paranormal venture and can be helpful in indicating rapid temperature changes. Lastly, don’t forget to take some flashlights with you. Though the paranormal activity is exciting, the ability to add a little light when needed keeps the fun at a healthy level. Spare batteries are a good idea as well.

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