VHS To DVD – Go With The Pros

Although it might seem less expensive to transfer all of your old film and video home movies to a digital format all on your own, it is not recommended. Digital transfers to DVD from VHS and other analog media is not always easy to do. Here are five reasons to pay the professional for your VHS to DVD or Super 8mm to DVD transfer.

  1. Save time. Using a professional transfer house is the fastest way to reach your goals for digitizing your home movie collection. It is impossible to do it on your own but it will take some time to learn. If you have the time, then go for it. If you do not have the time, hire the pro.
  2. Save money. Transferring analog video to digital on your own may cost you more money than if you just paid a pro transfer house from the beginning of your project. That huge learning curve we just talked about takes time and also implies failed attempts. This could lead to overspending on equipment and supplies. The professional transfer house will not have that problem since they know what they are doing.
  3. Better quality. You are always going to get a better quality from a professional transfer service. After all, if you are just learning, how long will it take you to perfect your technique? Even if you learn how to do the basics, how long will it take you to make it look good? Chances are your home movies are going to look and sound better if you turn the project over to a professional transfer service.
  4. Less risk. Original analog media formats are very delicate and are easily subject to permanent ruin – even if you are being careful with the material. Taking on the task of transferring these delicate gems to DVD or another digital format can test one’s patience. Mistakes can happen. You don’t want to damage any originals of your family’s home movies.
  5. Better equipment. The most expensive equipment is usually the best equipment. The best equipment offers the least mistakes and often means a better digital transfer. A lot of digital transfer houses use equipment that is of the high caliber of the Hollywood post production house. Some of these consumer transfer houses are that good. These machines are not cheap and they are not easy to operate and are definitely not designed for the layman.

And these are the reasons why a professional transfer house is better. Go with the professional transfer house and pay that extra money when you are ready to transfer VHS to DVD. Good luck.

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