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Use An Outdoor Misting System In the Backyard

When it is a beautiful hot summer’s day, the last place most of us want to spend it is indoors, hiding in front of the air conditioning. Goodness knows that there are already too few days where we can get out and enjoy the outdoor life without having to do it on premium hot days too. For some, though, the heat is a nightmare and can be downright dangerous.

So how do we enjoy the outdoor life but still stay relatively comfortable as well? The answer is to install an outdoor misting system in the patio or back veranda for an outdoor air conditioner that work remarkably well.

An outdoor misting system consists of a water line that is connected to the house plumbing. This water line is installed above head height around the perimeter of the patio area. At regular intervals along the line are misting nozzles – and here you might choose between brass misting nozzles or steel coated ceramic misting nozzles. These misting nozzles produce water droplets that are released as extremely fine drops measuring around 10 microns in diameter. The water evaporates quickly drawing the heat out of the air and replacing it with cooler air.

The result is a cooling system that can lower the temperature of the surrounding area by as much as 25 degrees. Although water is used to do this cooling, the area does not get wet because of the rapid evaporation involved.

These misting systems have been in common practice by restaurants for quite some time. On hot days the misters are turned on to cool the outdoor seating area not only making it bearable to sit in comfort, but to actually make it a pleasantly cool place to dine.

With an outdoor misting system it should no longer be a problem relaxing outside in the shade. By turning on the misters the backyard can be enjoyed on even the hottest of days.

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