Type of Leather in a Leather Wallet Can Make a Difference

Leather wallets are without a doubt the most popular type of men’s wallet. What few people know, however, is that there are many different types of leather that can be used to make a wallet.

The most common leather used in wallets is genuine leather. Typically, this means that a bonding process has been used to join pieces of leather together into a single piece. If the wallet you are looking at says it is “genuine bonded leather,” this is what it means.

Top grain leather, on the other hand, comes from only the top layer of hide. This generally results in a higher quality product, and manufacturers will sand out any other flaws that might be in the surface. These are usually more expensive than genuine leather, but have a more upscale look to them.

If you want a more rugged look, full grain leather comes from the same part of the hide as top grain leather, only without the sanded out flaws. Wallets made of full grain will appear more natural, as they take on any of the imperfections of the original hide. Also, since they are not sanded or processed, the leather will be a bit more durable.

For more of an elegant or sophisticated look, Napa leather could be the answer. Using the same leather as you would find in a full grain wallet, the end product is then given a smooth finish of Napa. This gives the wallet a more refined, finished look and is common in more upscale flat wallets and women’s wallets. The finish will also give the product a softer texture, making it a more elegant alternative to other leather types.

With the many kinds of leather used in leather wallets, it should be easy to find a wallet that fits your personal styles and tastes.

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