Totally Posh with a Plaid Skirt in the Office

If it is your first day at work and you made a commitment to look great to make a lasting impression then we have come up with the best thing to wear at work. We want you to deviate from the traditional look and go for something more chic and less safe. Go with a plaid skirt instead of a plain skirt or slacks.

Every single day, we encounter people in the office wearing the same thing over and over again. You might even think that your day is just the same as the day before it since everything is constant. Now, it is time to change. It is time to add a splash of excitement to office fashion.

You have to be very careful since it is very tricky to purchase a plaid skirt. It can be the make or break fashion item in your closet. If you choose the right plaid skirt you will look great but if you don’t it will end up as a fashion mishap.

The 1st factor that you have to consider is the lines. If your plaid skirt has very confusing lines then it is something that will make people dizzy. You will end up in the fashion victims page in a fashion magazine’s spread. If the colors of the lines do not complement each other then you are bound to look ugly too.

The next factor that you have to consider is the length. The older you are the longer that your skirt gets. I am not telling you to wear skirts that will reach your ankles but it will be more appropriate to wear knee length skirts.

For your top, it has to be plain. Whether you go with a sweater vest or a shirt it will work well with your plaid skirt.

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