Top Brands of Childrens Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Your child’s health is very important. Having the right water bottle for your children is also very important. There are many kind water bottles that are available in the market, the plastic, aluminum and stainless steel water bottles. The safest bottle among these three is the stainless steel one. It has been already proven and tested by experts in terms of water bottles. Plastic is not safe to use because it may produce harmful substances and bacteria. Aluminum is better than plastic but it is still not safe to use especially for your children. Stainless steel bottles are the right one because of its features and it is safe to use. It is made of BPA-free, 18/8 food grade stainless steel. Because of its rounded corners, bacteria or germs will not stick and easy to clean. The water bottles that are mentioned below are the stainless steel bottles that are best for children.

Thermos Funtainer and Foogo bottles are stainless steel water bottles for children that have beautiful images of Barbie and Spiderman and your children will surely like it. They are offering stainless steel insulated models. Their water bottles are 12 ounce in size that your children can handle it easily. It is also a leak proof water bottle. The base is not slippery to avoid it from falling.

Next is the Innate Vite Kids bottle. It is a little bit bigger than the other stainless steel bottle for children. It is 15 ounce in size. The body of this bottle is easy to hold. The top of this product is pop top. It can laso be use in conjunction with back country water filters. You can also put this water bottle into your bike bottle cages.

Another brand is Eco Vessel Kids stainless steel bottles that are available in 12 ounce only. It has a sippy top and this bottle is made for children who are one year and above.

Lastly, EcoUsable Children’s stainless steel water bottle is also a safe kind water bottle. Its 10 ounce size makes this bottle easy to handle especially for those children who have very small hands. Its base in non slip and it fits in most cup holders.

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