Tips for Elegant Kitchen Islands

Elegant kitchen islands can be practical areas. It also an opportunity to really add richness to the room without redoing all of your countertops and your cabinetry. This can save you a lot of money and time. You can give it a new look without a complicated renovation by adding in an oak kitchen look or an upholstered dining chair. It’s perfectly acceptable to have a mismatched island just as long as the overall style is the same as the rest of your cabinetry.

One thing that you’ll really want to consider very carefully is your barstools. These should have some sort of iron work on them. It can also have a high back to it. This can also look Tuscan if you use a chenille type of fabric. They should be in a terra-cotta or peach tone. It can also have nail head trim on it. This is a more elegant way to do the Tuscan design style that sometimes can seem a little bit bright. Chenille fabric is going to be more difficult to clean than a typical vinyl or micro suede but it does give you a very opulent kind of look.

Your light fixtures are also another important element. You may just be able to change out the shades of your existing pendants for something a little bit more dramatic. You can also go for of a classic design style just by adding in hanging lanterns. This is a very popular design right now, but it’s also quite traditional so it can relate to a black and white kitchen. This is one of the larger pendant lights that you can buy. It might seem a little bit pricey at first. However, it can really create a focal point and draw attention away from other areas of your room that you may not be thrilled about. This may make the expense worth it. You will need to consult an electrician about installation.

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