Time to Replace Your Water Filter

Many of us have refrigerators in our home that provide water and ice at the touch of button.  However, many of us also forget that the filters on these appliances need to be changed on a regular basis.  Most of the time changing your water filter is an easy task and can be accomplished in just a minute or two.  It is also good to remember to have a few filters on hand so you do not have to run out and find one at a later date.  Just keep a few on hand and you are ready to go as soon as the “change filter” light blinks on.

In most cases to replace the water filters on your fridge all you need to do is take the filter cap off the old filter, place it on the new one and re install the filter.  These filters should be replaced on a regular basis to keep rust, and other minerals out of our drinking water.  Nothing looks worse than having cloudy, muddy or flakes floating in a glass of water fresh from the fridge.

Using a filter on the fridge not only prolongs the life of the appliance but also can remove other chemicals, such as fluoride from the water.  It also saves you money (and the planet) as you are not purchasing drinking water all the time.  The cost of a filter over the lifetime of the unit is way less than buying bottles of drinking water on a regular basis.  Everyone knows how drinking water benefits our health and  the taste of water  coming cold and refreshing right from the fridge  is great without having to buy and store separate bottles.

These are just a few of reasons to keep your water filter current.  The taste, the cost and the convenience are well worth the little time and effort it takes to change your filter.

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