Tiffany Lamps: Finding it cheap

Tiffany lamps are the perfect way to add elegance and ornamental beauty to your room. They not only provide lighting but also become the focal point of the room. Tiffany lamps come in different designs, styles and color for which they have become a favorite with the collectors.
The first  was built around 1895. It was handmade by skilled craftsmen who used geometric shapes on stained glasses to make the most intricate patterns. Today original tiffany lamps sell for astronomical prices while the reproductions sell for a couple hundred to thousand dollars and are comparatively cheaper. The question is how can you tell the difference?
[1] Modern replicas- It isn’t easy to tell an original and a remake apart. Alistair Duncan, a Tiffany expert, says glass is the identifying characteristic. Some original models also had a tiffany signature etched on to it. The reproduced ones, on the other hand, are modeled on the same designs and patterns as the originals but without the stamp. At present almost all of tiffany lamps’ bronze bases are being reproduced. Some of the modern makers are -Dale Tiffany, TiffaMini, Quoizel, and Handale.
[2] Quality reproduction- Good quality tiffany reproductions use superior material and traditional methods to keep the magic of an original alive. The finest of these tiffany lamps last a lifetime a provide joy to many generations. Once you make an investment you can rest assured that they will give you a good value for your money. Another point you need to remember is that a reproduction is not a fake but a close replica of the original using the same methodology.
[3] Online and offline- If you want good deals on Tiffany lamps try the internet. There are many online stores available like,, eBay,, the etc.  Various lamps of different shapes, patterns and decorations are available to suit your exact need. If budget is your prime concern go for a tiffany reproduction which will light up your room just like an original. You can also try you local antique store and look if any deals are available.
There is no dearth of variety when it comes to tiffany lamps. From table lamps to wall sconces to chandeliers everything is available in all colors of the rainbow and delicate patterns. Wherever they shed light tiffany lamps can completely change the milieu around you.

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