The Worldwide DRX9000

Worldwide DRX9000 is a machine used as conservative treatment of chronic back pain caused by herniated disc. The product is considered a non-surgical approach in the treatment of this condition because it resolves the problem before getting worse or development further damage to the spine is done thereby reducing the probability for any surgical intervention in the future. This machine serves as traction the pulls the vertebrae back to its place.

This amazing machine uses the traditional traction method to decompress the vertebrae linked to computer system that makes tiny adjustments to the traction in response to reaction of the human body. It makes decompression therapy safer and more comfortable – making a great option for many people.

By decompressing the spine back to its place, the pressure is relieved and the vacuum is created within the affected disk. This vacuum which is also known as “negative intradiscal pressure” gives the benefit of bringing back not just the herniated disk to its normal place but also, the absorption of water and other nutrients helps in healing process. In time, the spine regains its strength and back pain disappears. Another innovative technology only present in DRX 9000 system is the use of computer that adjusts the traction in accordance to the alignment of the spine and comfort of the patient, treatment is administered by alternative cycles of pulling and relaxing. Under the previous traction method, excessive force is sometimes applied and this will cause the muscles to undergo into series of spasms that reverts back the stretched spine into compressed state after treatment. Spasms are painful and result to more discomfort in addition to back pain.

DRX 9000 reviews are quite impressive as many customers claim it resolves their problems such as back pain, sciatica (pain in arms and legs) and weakness of upper and lower extremities.

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